Monday, 22 August 2016

The Moon Child: Boomtown Fair 2016 After Movie

This Summer The Moon Child hit up Boomtown Fair for a weekend of ravin in the beautiful sunshine! We had a blast listening to our favourite acts such as Ms. Dynamite, Damian Marley, Zed Bias and so many more. 

We made a lil after movie of our experience of Boomtown Fair, and here it is: 

Thanks for having us Boomtown Fair! See ya next year 


Sunday, 21 August 2016

The Moon Child X Mika Francis aka Wild Daze

It's time for the third in the series of The Moon Child's interviews with boss gyallys in the creative industry and it is our absolute pleasure to introduce you to the most incredible super swaggin fyah ball that is MIKA FRANCIS BABY.

We have been on an incredible journey with Mika, this fine lady has supported The Moon Child since the beginning. Her aura and positivity give sooooo many young people courage and a lil bit of fire in their hearts to be true to themselves.

We spoke to Mika about the inspiration behind "Wild Daze", her personal style and a lil bit of advice for y'all, so without further a due... Mika Francis everybody xxxxxx

What inspired you to start blogging?

Vlogging was always a spin off from my original fashion blog. At the time YouTube was growing as a platform for bloggers to create new and exciting content and actually interact with followers! I was always a media geek at school and so I just naturally found that way of creating content more enjoyable long term. So in the end I decided to solely focus on YouTube and thus Wild Daze was born!

Where did the name “Wild Daze” come from?

When I changed the name of the channel to Wild Daze, it was a shift out of the label of being a 'fashion' or 'beauty' youtuber. The old name was related to personal style and as interests changed and i started to grow spiritually, I decided to come up with a name that gave me freedom to make the channel about anything and everything I wanted it to be! I wanted my channel to be a gateway between the beauty and fashion side of youtube into a world of topics/content less exposed to our generation; the importance of travel and philosophy, veganism and mental health. I think the name Wild Daze describes my relationship with this beautiful world and the beauty of having a voice that is heard by so many people!

How would you describe the Wild Daze vibe?

It's all about journeying through life and understanding the beauty of ourselves and our passions and those of everyone around us!

Gimme 3 words to describe yo personal style…

Fancy, free and fabulous hahaha

What festiiieees are you attending this Summer?

Oh my...Lost Village, Gottwood, Hideout, Bennicassim, Secret Garden Party, Boomtown, V-fest, Bestival and potentially's been a wild summer!!

Do you have any favourite YouTubers // Vloggers we should be checking out at the moment?

Always Cartia Mallan. I adore Iamkareno! Charlotte Hole (Ch32), Tothe9's, Sailing La Vagabonde, Stylelikeu, Ahhnndd I love Evilina and Lexi Lombard....soooo many more!!

What is your faavvee item from The Moon Child’s Summer of Love collection?

All the festival glitter has given me LYF this summer! And I love the new sheer dragon oriental top!!!!! To dieee for!

AND FINALLY!!! What advice would you give to individuals just starting out in the blogger//vlogger world?

Be patient and be yourself. Your originality is what should make your content special and if you never give that up, you might be lucky enough to never feel like your 'job' is work! 

If y'all haven't heard of Mika before you seriously need to check her out and inhale dem positive vibes. Check out her YouTube channel here

Thank u Mika xxxxxxx

Mika rockin The Moon Child Glitter available here.

Mika rockin The Moon Child Glitter available here.

Mika rockin The Moon Child Glitter available here.

Tuesday, 9 August 2016

3 weeks to go until Outlook Festival!

Sooooo in exactly 3 weeks The Moon Child is heading to Croatia for Outlook Festival to celebrate TURNING 2 BABY! WE'RE 2 YEARS OLD!!!!

Last year, we attended Outlook Festival to celebrate our 1st birthday and we literally cannot get over how amazin the festival is... but to be honest u can't get much better than a beach, beautiful music with incredible sound systems and SUN SUN SUN.

For those joining us at Outlook Festival, we're in for SUCH a treat aren't we!!!

If ur into ur reggae dub vibes they are spoiling us with the likes of Damian Marley, Iration Steppas, Gentlemen's Dub Club and tha biggest legend selecta there is... RODIGAAAN

If u luv ur grime theres a bitta royalty in the mix with Kano, Stormzy n Novelist

Make sure u brush ur teeth before u go see LADY LESHURRRR

Theres so many more amazing acts on over the festival, for example the likes of Kurupt FM, Benga, Levelz, DJ Q just to name a few.

FOR THE MOON CHILDREN ATTENDING OUTLOOK we have a very special giveaway!!! We're giving one lucky laydeee a chance to win a £25 gift voucher to spend on so you can grab ya self a FYAH outfit whilst ravin at the festival!!! more details here.

ALSO - Have u checked out our The Moon Child: Outlook Special Look Book yet?! givin u some inspo to create swag outfits in tha dance.

For those not coming... seriously consider it for next year because its just incredible. Check out their official highlights video HERE to get ya selves inspired <<<

See u soon Outlook babies x

Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Outlook Festival Competition: Win a £25 The Moon Child Gift Voucher!

To all of our Moon Children ravin at Outlook Festival this yearrrr!!!

We're giving one of you a very special PRESENT FROM US xxxx
You can win a £25 gift voucher to spend on The Moon Child website to get yo self a FYAH outfit to wear at Outlook!!!

ALSO ALSO ALSO - to anyone heading to the festival - if you upload a photo to Instagram wearing The Moon Child whilst partyin at Outlook, you'll get 20% off your next order from us!

SO... How do you enter our FABULOUS competition?

1) Go onto Instagram
2) Repost the photo below !!!
3) Tag The Moon Child (@themoonchilduk) and Outlook Festival (@outlookfestival)
4) Follow BOTH The Moon Child (@themoonchilduk) and Outlook Festival (@outlookfestival)

N waitttt !!! Winner will be announced on 21/08/16 <3 <3 <3 Good luck!!!

The Moon Child: Outlook Special Look Book