Tuesday, 29 September 2015


Well, what an end to an incredible Summer.

The Moon Child family headed over to Croatia for the most amayzzzin festival ever, Outlook Festival.

Last September, we started up The Moon Child from a university bedroom and never thought that only a year ahead we would have such an incredible and loyal customer base as well as the opportunities we have had since creating The Moon Child. We thought we would do a lil bit of celebrating...

And the decision to party in Croatia came about.

We decided to do it cheap and got the coach from Manchester. Nat a good idea.
Manchester to Croatia - 40 hours
Croatia to Manchester - 36 hours.

On 1 Coach.

Its safe to say we don't wanna be getting on a coach again for a lil while.

When we finally made it to the festival, we went and got our wristbands (which are groovy as fcuk).
Then we headed up into Stinjan (the little village where Outlook takes place -  near Pula) to find our apartment. 25 minutes uphill walking later we found our place. IT HAD A TRAMPOLINE! and as childish as we are we were buzzing about that.

Wednesday at Outlook was a quiet one for us, we were tired n smelly so just had a lil dance at the beach stage listening to some reggae.
The next day we were up and ready for our adventures to begin. We headed down to the festival and listening to some lovely reggae/dub music, sunbathed and had a dip in the sea.

The night time was a completely different story. Madness. We were back at the beach early about 8pm for DJ EZ's first set of the weekend, which did not disappoint and began the purely high standard  of tunes and sets that we were about to witness over the next few days.

We saw some incredible DJ's and MC's over the weekend such as Flava D, Stormzy, Digital Mystikz, Elijah and Skilliam, David Rodigan, Mungo's Hifi and so many more.

They have so many genres, appetising to any music lover. 2015 Lineup:

The best thing about Outlook is that everyone is on the same level. We met Aussies, Europeans and even some home town Leeds guys and gals and every single person was just happy to be experiencing such a festival with incredible music and good vibes.

Heres some photos that we took whilst we were there:

And heres a cool video to get you inspired:

If you feel like heading over to Outlook then our advice is ummmmm do it!!!
More info on the festival is available here

Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Beatherder Festival

Okay, so we have been attending Beatherder Festival for a few years now, and you wanna know why? Cos its the most magical place on earth.

Beatherder brings in the beats and barminess every Summer. It is that one thing we look forward to all year, and when its over we have no idea what to do with ourselves, we get the Beatherder Blues.

The lineup is so versatile, from Mungo's Hifi to B Traits to Chic (le freak).

Yeah, some major legends have embraced the Beatherder MainStage, acts such as Chic ft. Nile Rodgers, Boney M, Basement Jaxx and Groove Armada have all played there previously.

The vibe at Beatherder is amazing, everyone is so friendly and on the same wavelength as you. We promise, you won't find an unhappy face the whole weekend.

The attention to detail when it comes to the stages, the outdoor decor and even lil trinkets is incredible. It is like a town, with its own barbers, tattoo parlour, church etc.


We basically just cannot tell you enough how amazing it is and you need to go.



This June The Moon Children were lucky enough to jet off to Thailand for a couple weeks to soak in some of that Asian sun, culture and happy vibes.

We started off in Chiang Mai, such a BEAUTIFUL little place, we headed up to the mountains for a couple days and visited some beautiful waterfalls. At night we fancied a dance and went to the yellow bar, a cool square of a few different bars that play a range of tunes. Our favourite was a bar just filled with neon paintings and an excited DJ - it was awesome!

A discreet little bar owned by an ex soldier.

Next up was Pai, and oh my gawd were we in our element. Such a cute little hippy town full of good vibes, love and laughter. We're talking hippy pants and dreadlocks galore. The people were super nice, mainly high as a kite and the overall atmosphere was just great.
In Pai, we visited some cool Buddhas, met some trippy people and got TATTOOS! Our favourite place to go out was The Yellow Sun bar it played some nice music,you could play pool and just relaxxxxx.
Animal Farm in Pai

Yellow Sun Bar

Sak Yant Bamboo Tattoo

After Pai we headed down to Bangkok - crazy crazy place. We stayed on the infamous Khao San road. By day it was a busy market street that sold amazing tapestries, cushion covers, hippy garms and other bohemian trinkets. We had a HAUL! Major stock up on The Moon Child items to bring back for you guys. We also visited the famous Wat Pho reclining Buddha temple amongst others.
By night Khao San road was mental. Music blasting out in every bar, the roads were crazy full of people loving life. We managed to find a nice lil reggae bar down a back street where we could chill, listen to good music and not get stood on by anyone.
Wat Pho Temple

Wat Pho Temple
Khao San Road

We left Bangkok and headed over to Koh Phi Phi, a jammin party island. Another of our favourite places! Koh Phi Phi was full of young travellers like us just looking to have a good time.
One of the main things we wanted to do whilst we were there was experience Maya Bay (where The Beach was filmed... Leo DiCaprio... Duh) but unfortunately Maya Bay was closed because of thunderstorms. We can honestly tell you we have never been so gutted. We love u leo man.
Instead, we went on a lil adventure through the islands and found some beautiful places. We headed up to the viewpoint and it was so breath taking!
Our favourite bar in Koh Phi Phi had to be The Stoned Bar. It was so chillin by day, you could just relax and sunbathe whilst drinking some Chang and having a dance to some nice tunes.
At night time The Stoned Bar had a stage and a DJ, it played some heavy Drum & Bass which we looooooved. Another night it played a bit of disco and funk - it was a real variety!
If thats not your kinda thing, there was loads of bars across the beach as well as actually in Koh Phi Phi village that play anything you want! We skanked to a bitta Sean Paul one night and Guns n Roses the next!
The Stoned Bar

Koh Phi Phi Beach

The Viewpoint

We ventured onto our last stop which was Phuket. The first night we stayed in Phuket town which was sleepy and just what we needed after a couple of days partying in Koh Phi Phi. After this we went on to Karon Beach; again - amazingly relaxed. The beach had white sands and turquoise blue seas. It was really beautiful.

Karon Beach - Phuket

Overall, our favourite places had to be Pai and Koh Phi Phi. Next time, we wanna visit the other islands and definitely experience a full moon party! We had a blast and are already saving our pennies to head over there again.

P.S can you guess how many 7/11s there are in Asia? Cos its a lot.

Honey, We're Home.

So, we are aware that our last blog post was in June... Our bad. But we have had an amazing Summer!

We've been to so many magical places including Born & Bred Festival, Thailand, Beatherder Festival and London! Our next adventure begins at the beginning of September when we head to Outlook Festival in Croatia for a week and we CAN NOT WAIT!

Here is a lil peak of our travels this Summer... Blog posts on our adventures are to come!

Peace n lurv x

Born & Bred Festival

Born & Bred Festival

Born & Bred Festival

Pai - Thailand

Pai - Thailand

Pai - Thailand

Pai - Thailand

Bangkok - Thailand

Ko Phi Phi - Thailand

Ko Phi Phi - Thailand

Beatherder Festival

Beatherder Festival

Monday, 22 June 2015

Glasto Vibez

As Glastonbury grows ever closer (under a week oh my god) we thought we would create lil blog post on one of the most notorious festivals in the whole wide world.

Did you know that Glastonbury has been around since 1970? Right in the middle of the hippy era (oh how we wish we could have been part of it).

image via pinterest (themoonchilduk)

Glastonbury was inspired by the ethos of the hippy movement. Created by Michael Eavis in 1970, the first Glastonbury festival was held the day after Jimmy Hendrix died. It was originally named "Pop Talk & Blues Festival" and around 1500 people attended and it was only £1 entry (and they threw in a free carton of milk from the farm).

This is the first ever Glastonbury Festival Poster!

Just over 10 years and 5 festivals later in 1981, the name was changed to Glastonbury Festival. More and more stages were being built and people were putting everything they had into the festival because they believed in it so much, it was a charity raising, positive energy place where happy hippies could escape from reality for one weekend of the year. 

In 1990, Glastonbury was named "Glastonbury Festival for Contemporary Performing Arts" reflecting on the diversity of the attractions within the festival. Around 70,000 people attended and ticket price had risen to £38. The 20th anniversary exploded into a rivalry between security and travellers who were attempting to loot the festival site, resulting in 235 arrests. 

Fast forward to last year and the festival is as big as ever - it is the largest greenfield festival in the world and it still holds on to its grounded roots of being a charitable, art loving music playing comedy inviting festival and WE ALL wanna experience Glastonbury at least once in our lives. 

Some of the most amazing acts FOR US who have performed at Glastonbury Festival over the years are: Chic (2013), Amy Winehouse (2007), Toots & The Maytals (2010), Stevie Wonder (2010), OASIS (1994), Arctic Monkeys (2007), The Smiths (1984), The Prodigy (1995) and finally BEYONCE! (2011)

Maybe its next year for us...

image via glastonbury festival official website

image via pinterest