Monday, 30 May 2016

Club Tropicana Look Book

Our Look Book for the Club Tropicana collection launch:

The Moon Child X People Zine

The Moon Child and People Zine are in collaboration this year to bring you the most dope ass content from this year's music festivals.

People Zine is a multimedia platform dedicated to British underground music, street-wear fashion and contemporary art. They produce content such as 35mm fashion and street photography as well as interviews with young British creatives.

Instagram: @peoplezine
Facebook: People Zine
Twitter: @peoplezine
Tumblr: People Zine

The Moon Child and People Zine will be working together to create after movies from festivals such as Glastonbury, Beat-Herder, Boomtown Fair and Outlook, set to bring a sense of summer to ya YouTube channel.

We can't wait for the madness to unfold! Make sure you are following both of our YouTube channels to keep up to date with all thangs The Moon Child x People Zine: Summer of Love.

Photography by People Zine

Photography by People Zine

Photography by People Zine

Photography by People Zine

Summer of Love Launch

Hollerrrr Moon Children!

We are launching our very exciting campaign "The Moon Child: Summer of Love" on 2/5/16 - This Thursday! 
The campaign entails so many exciting things... we have a FYAH collection of items ready for you to look killah at this years music festivals and holiday antics... take a sneaky peak at these amazin photos of the new collection! 

The Moon Child is collaborating with People Zine this summer to bring you some sick after movie footage of some of the UK and Europe's most amazin festivals (more info to come in the next post)

We're also working with some style slaying bloggers who are attending festivals this year to bring you some magical content and inspirational outfits to show how our garments can be styled.

WE CAN'T WAIT FOR THE LAUNCH!!!! and we hope you are as excited as we are! 
2/5/16 - KEEP IT IN YA DIARY! 

Thursday, 19 May 2016

Summer of Love

This year is our year.
The Moon Child has launched the Summer of Love campaign to bring back the magic in all things Moon Child. We found a vision in the Summer of Love to create something fantastic. An inspirational, creative campaign set to awaken and motivate other souls to DO SOMETHING.

Its no secret, we love music festivals. Its no secret, we are glitter queens. Its no secret, we wanna walk around like urban punk ass fairies all day - so why the hell don't we? Summer of Love is our chance - and yours, to become who ever the f***k you wanna be.

Just think of when you're at a music festival, and you're walking around in this daze, surrounded by beautiful, contemporary art... no doubt you're not sober but there's this feeling you have... its weird. It's like a euphoric sense of freedom. A no fucks given attitude. That is what Summer of Love is. Its dreamland.

Watch out for our next blog post on WHAT Summer of Love (in collaboration with People Zine) will actually include - and your chance to be involved xoxoxo

The Moon Children x

Monday, 16 May 2016

Summer Lovin Crochet Bralet

Our Summer Lovin Crochet bralets are perfect for dancing around festivals looking like a flower babe. Available at:

Here is some inspo for ya:

The Moon Child X You

Hey girl... I like your style.

This Summer The Moon Child is launching a "Summer of Love" Campaign in collaboration with People Zine - more info to come.
The Moon Child would like to work with anyone attending bomb ass music festivals this Summer to get some cool pics for promotional material and to share on blogs and social media.

If you are interested and would like more information, please email with your:

Links to blog
Links to social media channels
Which festivals you will be attending.

Peace out, Moon Children