Tuesday, 29 September 2015


Well, what an end to an incredible Summer.

The Moon Child family headed over to Croatia for the most amayzzzin festival ever, Outlook Festival.

Last September, we started up The Moon Child from a university bedroom and never thought that only a year ahead we would have such an incredible and loyal customer base as well as the opportunities we have had since creating The Moon Child. We thought we would do a lil bit of celebrating...

And the decision to party in Croatia came about.

We decided to do it cheap and got the coach from Manchester. Nat a good idea.
Manchester to Croatia - 40 hours
Croatia to Manchester - 36 hours.

On 1 Coach.

Its safe to say we don't wanna be getting on a coach again for a lil while.

When we finally made it to the festival, we went and got our wristbands (which are groovy as fcuk).
Then we headed up into Stinjan (the little village where Outlook takes place -  near Pula) to find our apartment. 25 minutes uphill walking later we found our place. IT HAD A TRAMPOLINE! and as childish as we are we were buzzing about that.

Wednesday at Outlook was a quiet one for us, we were tired n smelly so just had a lil dance at the beach stage listening to some reggae.
The next day we were up and ready for our adventures to begin. We headed down to the festival and listening to some lovely reggae/dub music, sunbathed and had a dip in the sea.

The night time was a completely different story. Madness. We were back at the beach early about 8pm for DJ EZ's first set of the weekend, which did not disappoint and began the purely high standard  of tunes and sets that we were about to witness over the next few days.

We saw some incredible DJ's and MC's over the weekend such as Flava D, Stormzy, Digital Mystikz, Elijah and Skilliam, David Rodigan, Mungo's Hifi and so many more.

They have so many genres, appetising to any music lover. 2015 Lineup:

The best thing about Outlook is that everyone is on the same level. We met Aussies, Europeans and even some home town Leeds guys and gals and every single person was just happy to be experiencing such a festival with incredible music and good vibes.

Heres some photos that we took whilst we were there:

And heres a cool video to get you inspired:

If you feel like heading over to Outlook then our advice is ummmmm do it!!!
More info on the festival is available here